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Founded in 2000, BIAS is an award-winning Oracle Partner and IT Services Company with dedicated solution experts around the world. BIAS delivers customer-driven business and IT solutions to optimize and accelerate business value for some of the world’s leading companies and public sector organizations. We are a recognized leader in strategic planning for Cloud architecture, database management, managed services, cloud and applications implementation.  Our comprehensive approach – from design and implementation to support – allows us to deliver the right solution at the right time.  BIAS’s unmatched Oracle expertise, focused industry insight and strategic leadership set it apart from traditional IT resellers.  We bridge the divide between technology and business to optimize value for our customers.

BIAS Corporation is also an Oracle GSA Reseller (GS-35F-0558U) and Systems Integrator specializing in Oracle Hardware, Engineered Systems, Technology, Middleware, Business Intelligence and Oracle Applications. BIAS is an Oracle elite certified Cross Stack Partner with 35 Oracle Specializations. BIAS is honored to be recognized as the first Oracle Partner to achieve specialized status in both Oracle Exadata and GoldenGate technologies. In addition, BIAS is the first partner specialized on the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Engineered System. Other BIAS specializations include Database, Business Intelligence, SOA, Database Performance Tuning, RAC, WebCenter, Data Warehousing, Oracle Linux, Application Grid and Enterprise Manager.

BIAS provides world class business solutions built on the Oracle applications and technology platform using Oracle’s best in class tools. We design, develop and implement systems based on Oracle’s methods and best practices for technology and application architecture giving our customers the advantage they need to compete in today’s competitive market.

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BIAS IT Consulting Pvt Ltd

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Provide Applications or Solutions on Oracle Cloud

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and other partners that provide commercially available applications and/or solutions built on, or integrated with Oracle Cloud

    Service Expertise: Implement or Manage Oracle Cloud

    Partners that implement, deploy and/or manage Oracle Cloud services

      Sell Expertise: Resell Oracle Cloud

      Partners that resell Oracle Cloud technology

        Build, Sell, or Service Oracle License & Hardware Products

        Partners that build, sell, or service Oracle software licenses or hardware products

          Oracle Cloud Services

          Cloud services that complement the Oracle Cloud.

          • BIAS Services for Oracle Cloud BIAS offers services to migrate customer workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure leveraging our Accelerate program. We are a leading provider of ERP solutions, Database, Integrations, Analytics, and Security Services in the Cloud.

          Cloud Platform Ready

          An application that supports one or more Oracle Cloud-compatible technology products or operating systems.

          • Secure Messaging Application (SMAC) This application has been designated as ready to run on the Oracle Cloud Platform based on the application's support of the Oracle Cloud compatible technology products and operating systems.

          Oracle Exastack Ready

          Oracle Exastack Ready applications are supported by ISVs to run with Oracle Technology component products.

          • Secure Messaging Application (SMAC) V.7

            For highly-regulated industries, such as finance, healthcare, intelligence, law enforcement, telecom and more, cloud-based consumer messaging solutions and email just don’t work. Such organizations simply can’t abide the risk of highly sensitive data crossing the firewall, possibly being co-mingled in the cloud and becoming vulnerable to hackers once data is unencrypted. That’s why BIAS designed a highly secure messaging and collaboration (SMAC) application that allows users inside your firewall to share documents and exchange comments while displaying which work group members are currently online. Encrypted messages never leave the application, so your authenticated users can communicate securely from anywhere on any device. Plus, SMAC requires no network overhead, which means that users can share large files without impacting network bandwidth. With BIAS’ SMAC app, your data is secured, encrypted, audit-able and searchable to ensure compliance without standing in the way of collaboration or innovation.

            This application has achieved: Oracle Exadata Ready, Oracle Exalogic Ready, Oracle Big Data Appliance Ready, Oracle Database Ready, Oracle WebLogic Ready, Oracle Linux Ready, Oracle Solaris Ready

          Success Stories

          Leveraging Oracle Cloud to Modernize IT Platform and Improve System Operations & Performance

          The Retailer wanted to modernize and simplify their IT infrastructure, reduce operational costs, and enhance the performance of their Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Financial, Supply Chain and Human Capital Management systems:

          • Business application systems hosted on aging Solaris infrastructure that was reaching end-of-life
          • Poor system performance, both online and batch processing
          • Long lead times to provision/clone instances
          • Sub-optimal disaster recovery process
          • Needed to migrate and integrate existing on-prem applications with no degradation in performance
          • Rapidly growing EBS database with high transaction volumes (27TB in Production, 28TB of History)

          OUR APPROACH
          Provided a robust solution for a cross-platform migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with minimal downtime:

          • Implemented a PCI and SOC 2 Security compliant architecture utilizing BIAS’s Digital Platform toolkit
          • Automated Cloud server provisioning using open source software (Terraform, Ansible, etc.)
          • Utilized transportable tablespace (XTTS) to migrate 55TB of production data from Solaris to Linux on ExaCS
          • Migrated, retrofitted and tested over 7,500 Oracle EBS CEMLIs
          • Upgraded and migrated OID/OAM to OCI
          • Integrated on-premise Active Directory for user authentication of nearly 30,000 internal and external users
          • Implemented data encryption at-rest and in-transit to protect sensitive information
          • Conducted 4 mock production cut-overs to ensure successful migration
          • Automated system maintenance and monitoring through Oracle Management Cloud (OMC)
          • Delivered a complete and automated Disaster Recovery environment for all technology stacks
          • Completed the production migration over a weekend to meet the downtime for cutover and/or fallback duration requirement

          The Retailer reduced CAPEX costs and increased overall system stability and performance:

          • Reduced User Interface response times to less than 5 seconds, a 100% increase
          • Increased OLTP & batch concurrent program performance by 500%
          • Improved database availability to 99.99%
          • Created ability to scale CPUs and other system resources on-demand during peak processing
          • Improved Lifecycle Management by improving support, scalability and patching
          • Future-proofed IT infrastructure by eliminating the need for future hardware refreshes

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          Scaling Business Operations in the Oracle Cloud

          The manufacturer wanted to modernize their underperforming hardware platform to enable flexibility and scalability during frequent acquisitions:

          • Needed quicker onboarding of newly acquired companies leveraging their existing on-premise systems
          • Experienced frequent hardware failures that brought the system offline and didn’t have the ability to scale system resources on demand
          • Poor system performance for end-of-month financials, batch and online transactions
          • Extended support for JDE 9.1 ending in March 2020
          • Limited to transact in US Dollars only
          • Required 24x7 uptime and Disaster Recovery environment
          • Needed to migrate and upgrade existing on-prem applications without disruption in performance
          • Cost of on-premise technology licensing was expected to double in order to expand the integration platform
          • Current systems required upgrading of JDE Applications 9.1 to utilize new functionality and features of JDE 9.2

          OUR APPROACH
          BIAS designed and implemented a solution to migrate & upgrade their infrastructure and applications to Oracle Cloud to better support business needs:

          • Migrated and upgraded their JDE production applications in less than 24 hours to OCI Cloud
          • Automated Cloud server provisioning using the BIAS Digital platform
          • Implemented new features and functionality to optimize their business processes and enabled multi-currency for their global operations
          • Facilitated continuous adoption of new JDE 9.2 new features
          • Migrated and enabled real-time integration with external applications and trading partners (B2B) with Oracle Integration Cloud
          • Implemented complete disaster recovery environment including database and applications as well as redundant networking
          • Providing ongoing managed services for the OCI environment

          The manufacturer gained a modern platform with significant improvement in business productivity and flexibility:

          • Improved runtime by 10x for over 90% of month-end financial reports
          • Reduced month end close processing times by 20%
          • Created ability to scale CPUs and other system resources on-demand during peak processing
          • Realized a 10% reduction in user response time for their JDE application
          • Seamless integration with manufacturing plants resulted in over 90% accuracy of shipment delivery
          • Improved Lifecycle Management by automated patching and on-demand scaling of resources
          • Enabled the production and cost-effective delivery of over 1,500 diversified products to customers across its end markets
          • Saved over $750K in software licensing and support by migrating integration to the Cloud

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          Migrate to Save - Financial Customer Success Story

          A top ranked bank holding company in the US engaged BIAS to assist them in migrating 23 physical Sun Servers to the new Oracle SPARC T4-4 in a virtualized environment. This included database migration, a highly available clustered environment and a RAC environment. During the analysis phase BIAS was able to define the cpu / memory requirements. During the implementation phase BIAS developed procedures for cloning an operating system from a golden image, a database migration procedure, a procedure for installing and configuring Sun Cluster and a procedure for installing and configuring Oracle RAC.

          ♦ Analyze the current CPU & Memory utilization
          ♦ Recommend CPU & Memory sizing for the virtualized environment
          ♦ Develop a "Golden Image" process for cloning a OS disk
          ♦ Develop database migration procedures
          ♦ Develop Sun Cluster implementation procedure
          ♦ Develop Oracle Rac implementation procedure
          ♦ Assist with the installation and deployment of Enterprise Manager 12c
          ♦ Develop a test plan to stress test the virtualized environment
          ♦ Install, configure & implement GoldenGate


          After through analysis, BIAS was able to assist the customer in migrating 23 aging servers their corresponding databases to a virtualized environment on six Oracle SPARC T4-4 servers. The migration utilized multiple database migration techniques including GoldenGate. Sun Cluster was used to create a highly available active / passive environment for several virtualized severs and Oracle RAC was used to create a highly available active / active environment for several virtualized servers.

          ♦ 23 servers down to 6 T4-4's
          ♦ 6 full racks down to 2 half racks
          ♦ 24 virtualized Solaris servers
          ♦ Golden Gate implementation
          ♦ Sun Cluster implementation
          ♦ Oracle RAC implementation
          ♦ Provided OVM strategy and direction
          ♦ Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
          ♦ Oracle OPS Center 12c
          ♦ 50% reduction in power consumption
          ♦ 50% reduction in cooling requirements

          Power of the Red Stack - IBM Competitive

          The Bank’s environment consists of multiple IBM P7 systems - replacing the legacy P5 series, which connect to an EMC Symmetrix and EMC CLARiiON frames. During discussions with the customer’s team, all performance issues point to I/O issues and the fact that the Symmetrix supported a large number of Oracle databases with mixed performance characteristics. These systems included OLTP, Decision Support (DSS) and data warehousing systems. Focusing on the I/O performance issues, the BIAS team led with an Exadata solution providing a modular I/O solution and reducing the bottlenecks of the EMC SAN. The Exadata solution provides superior I/O throughput by spreading data across a large number of disk subsystems employing large cache and flash cache solutions. Unfortunately, due to issues with an Exadata deployment at the customer site in Mexico, the corporate office would not support an Exadata solution for replacing the IBM solution.

          THE SOLUTION
          Therefore, the BIAS team addressed the IBM competition with a Sun SPARC solution and M9000. Referencing the advanced memory management abilities of the Solaris operating system and the integration of disk flash cache, the Sun solution provides a better I/O handling solution than the IBM platform. Although the P7 chip claims better performance, most database systems rely on I/O performance and memory performance.

          The BIAS approach includes the larger Sun M9000 system with a larger amount of memory assigned to each Sun server. The Oracle databases would utilize larger SGA environments and other options to load most of the database into memory. This solution reduces the strain on the EMC disk solution and provides potential for Sun disk solutions with flash capacity. The technical solution, as well as the financial benefits of Oracle on Sun, provided a viable solution for replacing the legacy IBM solution.


          ODA Healthcare Customer Use Case

          This nationally acclaimed provider originally engaged BIAS to assist them with a RAC deployment for a new healthcare specific application that was going into production. During the assessment of their current infrastructure and requirements, BIAS uncovered aging Oracle systems and technology gaps. Wanting to avoid a costly upgrade of its existing systems, they showcased the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) with its fully-integrated software, servers, storage, and networking capabilities. The ease-of-use, paired with a large cost savings, led the customer to select the ODA and migrate mission-critical systems.

          - Analyze the customer’s existing IT infrastructure.
          - Conduct an Oracle license inventory and identify any potential gaps.
          - Outline a plan to migrate 10-year-old systems, increase performance, and eliminate struggles with Oracle RAC as well as avoid possible failure risks with the aging hardware and software.
          - Install and assist with the deployment of 12c Enterprise Manager to manage before and after snapshots of performance.

          After thorough analysis, BIAS presented the customer with the ODA solution, demonstrating the box’s triple redundancy features, easy-to-manage removable drives as well as add-on processor cores that would fit the customer’s business requirement of 4 terabyte storage. BIAS designed a plan to consolidate 12 systems onto the Oracle Database Appliance. Being one of the select partners of the beta program, BIAS had the insight to skillfully oversee the implementation and navigate the Oracle organization. Several COTS applications will be running off of the ODAs including surgery scheduling, lab data, clinical applications, patient care, EMR, & claims processing. In addition, BIAS will be providing the customer’s lean IT staff with remote monitoring, and when deployed, BIAS will close the loop with a before-and-after ROI analysis.


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