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Forza Consulting is a consultancy practice focused on delivering services and solutions based on Oracle JD Edwards. Forza is a knowledge center on the JD Edwards technical field and expert at integrating JD Edwards with other applications.

We deliver high quality consultancy services and develop solutions that best fit the needs of our customers. Forza has over a decade of experience with JD Edwards software and has a team of experts in all JD Edwards related fields. Forza focuses on JD Edwards customers in Europe, primarily in the Benelux, UK and the Nordics. 

Forza’s functional consultants have extensive knowledge covering all applications and a wide range of functionality within the JD Edwards software, be it EnterpiseOne or World software. Due to the vast amount of experience gained in different implementations. Forza’s consultants have built up expertise spanning the majority of the industries in which JD Edwards has been adopted. Forza implements fast and efficiently using our in-depth experience of configuring JD Edwards processes in combination with quality project management.

Forza Consulting developers will arise to any technical challenge. They are trained and proficient with the latest development tools and technologies. They are experts in integrating JD Edwards with other systems using technologies such as JD Edwards’s business services, Oracle Fusion Middleware or the 3rd party middleware tool Magic XPI.

CNC consultancy
when it comes to CNC, Forza Consulting has a renowned reputation and is a knowledge centre in this area. Our CNC Consultants are familiar with all supported platforms and keep abreast of the latest developments. We offer services like 24/7 remote support and proactive performance monitoring.

Forza service offering is completed with a broad range of training embracing all JD Edwards topics.

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    Oracle Validated Integrations

    With an Oracle Validated Integration, customers can be confident that a partner's integration has been built in a repeatable manner and performs as documented.

    • JD Edwards Package Build Automation

      PACKMAN is the ultimate package build and deployment solution for supporting your OMW projects.

      With PACKMAN you can accelerate and optimize your technical change management process. Packman enables you to plan fully automatic package builds as often as you want.

      PACKMAN reduces the risk of errors by eliminating the manual steps required in the update package build process. It will speed up the development to production process of your OMW projects by ensuring you will no longer have to spend time on resolving build and deployment issues. The package build process can be managed with reports and notifications.

      PACKMAN is an essential tool for supporting your technical change management on Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, whether you are implementing EnterpriseOne for the first time or if you are upgrading to a new release

      This application has achieved:Oracle Validated Integration with Application Monitoring and Management

    • Scanman - Invoice Automation Made Easy

      With SCANMAN, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 customers will be able to streamline the overall process of capturing invoices, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This will result in faster processing, improved accuracy, and increased productivity.
      SCANMAN is a complete, web-based invoice automation solution that integrates with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne using the latest Composite Application Framework for E1 (CafeOne) features and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business services.

      Invoice Automation projects often involve complex and expensive Document Management solutions without pre-built integration options resulting in time consuming implementations and difficult to realize back end integrations and data synchronizations.

      Typically these Document Management solutions cover a range of functionalities already available in JD Edwards.
      The best solution is to have an invoice automation solution that works with the functionality already available in your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP. This is what SCANMAN offers.
      With Scanman Business there is no need for synchronization of data to support processes in a separate tooling. Why use logic of 3rd party products while it is available within JD Edwards? That is just making things more difficult.

      This application has achieved:Oracle Validated Integration with Financials (FMS)


    • Forza’s Oracle Accelerate solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for Real Estate industry

      Managing a successful commercial real estate business depends on more than finding and keeping the right tenants. It requires the ability to meet current tenant needs and attract new ones, track costs, bill accurately, collect payments in a timely manner, and manage vendors. You also need to be able to assess new opportunities for growing your business while cost-effectively managing your existing investments.

      Designed to increase portfolio performance, Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications for Real Estate Management enable:
      • Web-based collaboration with partners, tenants, employees, and vendors.
      • A single point of data entry for all transactions.
      • Real-time data access and reporting for your entire portfolio from a single database.
      • Automated and streamlined processes.

      With the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solution provided by Forza for Real Estate industry, you receive a complete, integrated solution that can help you eliminate redundancies, increase back-office efficiency, and reduce operating costs. It is for this reason that some of the largest commercial real estate management companies in the world use Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software.

      This Oracle Accelerate Solution delivered by Forza Consulting for the Real Estate industry is implemented using the Oracle Business Accelerators: powerful, cloud-based rapid implementation tools developed and maintained by Oracle to get you up and running on a wide range of Oracle Applications, quickly and reliably.

      Multi-national capabilities: this solution is available in Western Europe and through the network of Oracle Accelerate partners worldwide.

    • Forza’s Oracle Accelerate Solution for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for Industrial Manufacturing

      Industrial Manufacturing organizations must enable a flexible & responsive supply chain to overcome difficulties in predicting demand in multi-tiered distributed environments and ensuring timely coordination of global partners on long lead time products. Organizations must innovate to manage escalating costs and drive efficient project management. Business applications must be scalable to enable growth with minimized initial implementation outlay, protecting your investment over time.

      We offer our customers a powerful solution on the field of manufacturing based on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications. It supports any kind of manufacturing environment; process, discrete, or mixed mode and any process; ‘make-to-stock’, ‘assemble to order’ or ‘engineer to order’. The software supports concepts like lean manufacturing, Kanban and multi site production planning / global demand management. It also includes more specific programs to support processes like equipment management and ‘advanced cost accounting’ to perform complex cost accounting functions.

      This Oracle Accelerate Solution delivered by Forza Consulting for the Industrial Manufacturing industry is implemented using the Oracle Business Accelerators: powerful, cloud-based rapid implementation tools developed and maintained by Oracle to get you up and running on a wide range of Oracle Applications, quickly and reliably.

      Multi-national capabilities: this solution is available in the BeNeLux and can be rolled out globally through the network of Oracle Accelerate partners worldwide.