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    Gideon Taylor solutions redefine self-service and revolutionize how organizations think about process automation, helping our clients gain greater value from their PeopleSoft investment by not only doing more, but doing it better, faster and easier than ever before. Our Oracle-certified, award-winning GT eForms™ is a PeopleSoft-based bolt-on that provides a secure, flexible framework to transform any paper form into an efficient and effective electronic form, letting you create and deploy custom self-service solutions that can be configured to work the way you work.

    In addition to custom solutions, Gideon Taylor’s eForm templates for PeopleSoft HCM, Financials and Campus Solutions deliver automation for some of the most common business processes, including our flagship GT Fluid ePAF™ (electronic Personnel Action Forms).

    Whether you’re looking to eliminate customizations, go green, reduce costs or improve productivity, we can help you get there. To find out more about Gideon Taylor's services and solutions, click here.


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    Oracle Validated Integrations

    With an Oracle Validated Integration, customers can be confident that a partner's integration has been built in a repeatable manner and performs as documented.

    • GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft

      GT eForms™ is a bolt-on workflow and electronic forms toolset for PeopleSoft applications. GT eForms™ provides a powerful framework to develop and deploy intuitive, workflow-enabled electronic forms. With native PeopleSoft integration, configurable business logic, and limitless workflow options, GT eForms™ delivers robust, custom self-service applications in a fraction of the time of traditional development and with greater flexibility than delivered tools.

      The GT eForms™ Enterprise License provides full access to the GT eForm Library™. The Library includes dozens of workflow-enabled eForm templates to automate a wide array of business processes, including:

      GT eForm Library™ for PeopleSoft HCM

      • Personnel actions
      • Onboarding
      • Time reporting and leave management
      • I-9 / E-Verify (Employment Eligibility Verification)
      • Signature-only forms

      GT eForm Library™ for PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management

      • Chartfield Maintenance
      • Expense Reporting and Reimbursement
      • Journal Vouchers
      • Deposits
      • Receipts
      • Vendor Self-Service

      GT eForm Library™ for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

      • Grade Change Requests
      • Add/Modify Course Catalog
      • Change of Major/Minor
      • Emergency Loan Requests
      • Concurrent Enrollment
      • Transfer Credit Pre-Approvals
      • Student Withdrawals/Cancellations
      • Degree Certification

      This application has achieved:Oracle Validated Integration with Business Process Automation and Reporting, Business Process Automation and Reporting

    Success Stories

    University of South Carolina (GT eForms with PeopleSoft HCM) - In April 2019, the University of South Carolina successfully launched its new PeopleSoft HCM system including 15 freshly-built Fluid eForms for HR actions encompassing a wide range of department, manager, and employee self-service functions. The result has been a clean, dynamic user experience that’s making the Dean’s list for both efficiency and ease-of-use. Read more...

    St. Joseph's Health Care London (GT eForms with PeopleSoft HCM) - Built with GT eForms for PeopleSoft, St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s Leader Self-Service solution delivers online capability for executives, directors, and managers to review employment information about their direct and indirect employees and initiate a wide variety of actions including hires, job changes, position changes, terminations, requests for leaves, etc. The solution has (1) enabled Leaders to initiate and approve employee transactions electronically, (2) eliminated paper-based forms, (3) improved overall efficiency and (4) increased process transparency. Gideon Taylor also worked with St. Joseph’s to assess and redesign business processes in order to optimize manager self-service processes prior to kicking-off the Fluid eForms automation effort. Read more...

    University of California, Berkeley (GT eForms with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions) - With GT eForms, the UC Berkeley team dramatically expanded student and faculty self-service options by introducing dozens of powerful, workflow-enabled electronic forms. The team has created online forms to empower students to quickly and easily apply for emergency loans, to select and manage graduate committees, to add or change their academic program, to add and drop classes, to withdraw from the University, and to submit petitions for a variety of exceptions. Other eForms enable faculty members to submit workflow-enabled award recognitions, course credit requests, enrollments, and re-enrollment requests for graduates. Read more...

    Bloomsburg University (GT eForms with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions) - With a total enrollment of over 8,900 undergraduate and graduate students, Bloomsburg’s Registrar Office has seen huge productivity gains with eForms automation. With more than a dozen eForms automating tasks including grade change requests, graduation applications, change of major, and master course scheduling, the University is processing thousands of online forms each year, eliminating paper forms and dramatically reducing the amount of effort required in completing, approving, and entering form-based transactions. Read more...

    University of South Carolina (GT eForms with PeopleSoft Financials & Supply Chain Management) - The University of South Carolina Controller’s Office has created forms to automate such processes as journal vouchers, chartfield maintenance, and grant time & effort reporting. Their investment in eForms automation is delivering valuable payback with faster turnaround, fewer errors, and lower operating costs. Read more...

    University of Maryland, Baltimore (GT eForms with PeopleSoft Financials & Supply Chain Management) - Gideon Taylor and UMB worked together to create a new PeopleSoft-based eForm solution to efficiently automate employee expense reimbursements. The Expenses eForms guide employees through travel expense processing from beginning to end, including approvals, advances, and integration with UMB's payroll and AP systems for automated reimbursement. Read more...

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