JomaSoft GmbH

Falkensteinstr 54a,
Sankt Gallen,   9000 Switzerland


JomaSoft GmbH is specialized in Software Engineering, developing frameworks and tools for the Oracle Solaris Platform.

We offer a management product (VDCF) and consulting, installation and administration services for Solaris 10
and Solaris 11. Deep knowledge is available for the virtualization technologies LDoms and Zones.


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    Cloud Platform Ready

    An application that supports one or more Oracle Cloud-compatible technology products or operating systems.


    • VDCF - Virtual Datacenter Cloud Framework

      The Virtual Datacenter Cloud Framework (VDCF) is a platform management framework for the Solaris Operating System.
      VDCF allows to run a virtualized data center using Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 Zones (Containers) and/or Logical Domains controlled by a centralized management server.