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Astute Business Solutions is dedicated to simplifying and maximizing returns on investment in Oracle PeopleSoft ERP and Oracle Cloud PaaS and IaaS for companies of all sizes and from all industries. Our mission is to help our clients transform their businesses through innovative, practical, and cost-effective methods both on-premise and on Cloud. Headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, Astute Business Solutions has an experienced team of industry specialists, process experts, technology architects and change managers that have helped several private and public sector companies deploy Oracle PeopleSoft ERP on Cloud and On-Premise. We focus acutely on Optimization with Test Automation, Workflow Automation, and Process Automation.

Astute Business Solutions is the leading Oracle Cloud infrastructure partner for lifting and shifting PeopleSoft to OCI. Astute has the largest number of successful Cloud migrations for PeopleSoft completed to the date and the most number of public references available for Oracle PeopleSoft on OCI. Here is a snapshot of our OCI reference customers.

Our team is comprised of former Oracle/PeopleSoft employees, industry specialists from Healthcare, Financial Services, Higher Education and the Public Sector, as well as Cloud experts that are focused on helping clients adopt and experience the game-changing impacts of the Modern Oracle Cloud, PeopleSoft, Oracle Business Intelligence and Data Privacy and Compliance solutions.

Astute Business Solutions’ track record of successful PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud projects include PeopleSoft on Cloud for Dev/Test, PUM, PTF and Production, PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrades and Implementations, PeopleSoft Financials and Procurement Optimizations, PeopleSoft international rollouts, FasTest test automation for PeopleSoft (using PTF), Workflow Implementations, Mobile application development using Fluid UI and Oracle Mobile Cloud, and Process Automation using Oracle Process/Document/Integration Cloud.

Astute has differentiated in the Oracle consulting marketplace by building several tools and accelerators that extend application functionality, overcome common pain points and gaps, and ease maintenance concerns, all while driving bottom-line cost savings to clients. Among these, the most popular are FasTest - a test automation toolkit purpose-built for PeopleSoft using PeopleSoft Test Framework, which delivers automation for end-to-end business process testing, security and compliance testing, regression testing and functional and technical testing for V9.2 upgrade.




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Cloud Services

  • Oracle Infrastructure as a Service
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle Cloud Application

Cloud applications that interoperate with the Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud Services

Cloud services that complement the Oracle Cloud.

  • PeopleSoft DR on OCI Astute Business Solutions is a Oracle Cloud Select Partner, helping Oracle ERP customers realize their Maximum Return on Investment by moving and improving those ERP applications on to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Astute specializes in moving PeopleSoft, EBS, OBIEE/OBIA and Oracle DB workloads to OCI.

Cloud Platform Ready

An application that supports one or more Oracle Cloud-compatible technology products or operating systems.

  • FasTest test automation tools for PeopleSoft FasTest is a PeopleTools bolt-on application that enables PeopleSoft customers to automate functional regression testing of FSCM, HCM, ELM, CS, CRM and Portal applications using PeopleSoft Test Framework. FasTest includes dashboards for test management, reporting and defect tracking and a vast library of pre-built test

Oracle Validated Integrations

With an Oracle Validated Integration, customers can be confident that a partner's integration has been built in a repeatable manner and performs as documented.

  • FasTest Solution

    Test Automation Tools

    A suite of plug n play tools designed to automate and accelerate creation of test data, test management and overall test process.

    Consulting Services

    Consulting services spanning across the entire breadth of the testing lifecycle- test strategy and planning, test automation, test development, test execution and test maintenance.

    Domain Expertise

    Problem-solving across various industries and domains with tailored solutions addressing the unique testing requirements of each.

    This application has achieved:Oracle Validated Integration with Application Monitoring and Management


  • FasTest


    A suite of plug n play tools designed to automate and accelerate creation of test data, test management and overall test process. Complete test management within PeopleSoft including dashboard analytics in real time.

  • Asset Lifecycle Optimization

    In the post-Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) environment, new emphasis has been placed on corporate accountability in both accounting rules (US GAAP and IFRS) and in cost accounting. Both expect enhanced transparency with fixed asset management records – which for certain industries represent a very large percentage of the balance sheet. The importance of an accurate and well-documented fixed asset management record is a priority. However, implementing the capabilities to run a reliable fixed asset inventory operation is a challenging, labor intensive task for any high-volume asset organization.

  • Cloud Services

    Cloud Services

  • PeopleSoft Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Service

    Astute Business Solutions provides accelerated, fixed fee, fixed scope Lift and Shift or Move and Improve services to move PeopleSoft application workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI, IaaS) and Platform (PaaS) Services. Using Oracle Cloud Manager for PeopleSoft, Astute automates the Lift and Shift process and automates instance deployment and configuration on OCI and PaaS.

    As part of this service, Astute helps client assess their Cloud needs and defines a Journey Roadmap and detailed plan for moving to Cloud. Our Lift and Shift offering includes designing and optimizing workloads for OCI and PaaS and taking advantage of Cloud native tools like Oracle Management Cloud to provide real-time monitoring and alerts.

    The Lift and Shift offering is applicable to all PeopleSoft applications and versions supported by Oracle. As a value add, Astute offers PeopleSoft Test Framework based automated testing, Fluid UI deployment, ElasticSearch, Workflow, Page Composer, Dashboard Reports and many other add-on services for PeopleSoft customers to help them optimize PeopleSoft applications once they are moved to OCI. 

  • Oracle Management Cloud Monitoring and Analytics for Cloud and On-Premise

    Astute deploys Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) to monitor on-premise and Cloud application workloads.

  • Procurement Optimization

    In a time of flat revenues and shrinking operating budgets it is imperative to tactically optimize. Reign in long term cost with consistency and control throughout your procurement processes. Execute process optimization, process waste elimination, management of excess and on-demand inventory fulfillment.

  • Finance Optimization

    Shift your teams focus from executing the business to enhancing the business. Whether it is reducing spend per transaction or providing better insight to your leaders and internal partners, Astute's Finance Optimization Framework guides your organization to identify and execute on corporate priorities.Astute's Finance Optimization Framework guides your organization to identify and execute on corporate priorities.

  • PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade Health Check

    Astute's Health Check provides an outside perspective. It is non-intrusive, non-disruptive, and comes supplemented with templates and scripts designed to quickly obtain the necessary information about your current Oracle or PeopleSoft systems.

  • Sandbox in the Cloud

    Astute’s PeopleSoft 9.2 Sandbox in the Cloud is a pre-configured instance that can jump-start your 9.2 upgrade.

  • Data Privacy

    Astute's Data Privacy Assessment service addresses all the critical elements of data privacy.

    Astute's Data Privacy Assessment provides a more proactive stance and establishes firm and effective controls in the form of technology and process Best Practices for preventing security breaches that can compromise employee Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

In order to distribute Oracle products and Oracle Premier Support, Oracle PartnerNetwork members must execute the necessary distribution agreements and meet applicable competency requirements.

Cloud Services

  • Oracle Cloud: PaaS and IaaS


  • Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Manager
  • MySQL
  • Oracle 1-Click Technology for Midsize Companies
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database Appliance

Engineered Systems

  • Oracle Database Appliance


  • Application Grid
  • Data Integration
  • Developer Tools
  • IT Architecture
  • Identity Management
  • Oracle Application Integration Architecture
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation
  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
  • Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Oracle Unified Business Process Management
  • Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal
  • Oracle WebCenter Sites
  • WebLogic Server

Server And Storage Systems

  • Oracle Database Appliance

Success Stories

Care - PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 Upgrade on OCI


  • Technical Upgrade to FSCM 9.2 in 6 months

  • Be Cost efficient while moving to the latest release

  • Use Cloud Manager to accelerate deployment and patching

  • Missing selective Adoption strategy


  • OCI Architecture and Sizing for FSCM 9.2

  • Lift and Shift PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 to Oracle Cloud

  • Rapid deployment using Cloud Manager and OCI and PaaS Tooling

  • Rapid Technical Upgrade with minimal disruption

  • Automate testing, cloning, and instance deployment



  • Reduced V9.2 deployment time by 90%

  • Reduced total upgrade cost by 50%

  • Accelerated Upgrade timeline using OCI


Ezcorp -  PeopleSoft Finance and HR on OCI

Ezcorp is leading provider of pawn loans in US and Latin America. It uses PeopleSoft Finance and HR for core office functions such as HR and Payroll, SEC Reporting, Procurement, Billing and Receivables across its 750 stores.



  • Need to focus on core-business

  • Get out of data center

  • Rapid Lift and Shift to OCI

  • Optimize and right-size architecture on Cloud

  • Hybrid-Cloud solution



  • 6-week migration for HR and Finance 9.2 each

  • Hybrid-Cloud -  integration to On-Premise and External Cloud providers

  • FastConnect

  • DR on Cloud


  • 25% reduction of IaaS  footprint on Cloud

  • 90% reduction in new instance deployment time

  • DR Solution - Primary in OCI Chicago, secondary in OCI Ashburn



Windham School District

The Windham School District (WSD) was established by the Texas Legislature as an entity separate and distinct from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), with the Texas Board of Criminal Justice (TBCJ) serving as the Board of Trustees for the WSD. It is the policy of the Board that the WSD shall provide academic, as well as career and technology education, to eligible offenders incarcerated within the TDCJ.

WSD wanted to define a roadmap and plan to execute its PeopleSoft FSCM and HCM V9.2 upgrades by assessing its current environment and identifying opportunities for improvement, automation, better integration and better reporting. WSD also wanted to leverage the PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrades to transform its business processes, eliminate manual processes, eliminate paper-based processes and add more PeopleSoft out-of-the-box features and functionality to meet its future business needs. WSD wanted to implement best practices in Financials/Accounting, Asset Management, Inventory and Purchasing to be more efficient and effective.


Astute Business Solutions conducted its two-week Health Check Assessment for upgrade in two accelerated steps:
1. Pre-built questionnaires sent to WSD ahead of time to gather information and documentation on current state processes, pain points and wish lists for 9.2 and beyond.
2. Targeted onsite workshops to engage the business users, IT and stakeholders to review, analyze and define business requirements, prioritize them and plan for them in the context of a 9.2 upgrade by taking into account other IT and Business Initiatives.

Astute produced a detailed Health Check Report which included the following high value deliverables for WSD:

  • Summary fit-gap analysis
  • Analysis by process area and module
  • Identified opportunities for improvement
  • Identified use of OOTB features
  • Identified project risks and recommended mitigation
  • Identified opportunities to de-customize through upgrade
  • Upgrade timeline, costs and resources
  • Requirement definition for new module implementations

 Read more about Astute’s past clients here.

Astute Business Solutions - PS Lift and Shift from AWS to OCI

Astute Business Solutions helps clients transform their businesses through innovative, practical, and cost-effective methods using Oracle Solutions (on-premise and Cloud). We simplify transformations and maximize returns on investment for companies of all sizes and from all industries. Previously, we were using PSFT on AWS, with the distributed workforce in the US, Canada, and India.


  • Manual AWS Deployments, home-grown automation scripts, custom monitoring solutions

  • Lack of Oracle ERP accelerators on AWS Cloud to automate deployment and tear-down PSFT

  • Lack of integration with Oracle Support


  • Manual AWS Deployments, home-grown automation scripts, custom monitoring solutions

  • Lack of Oracle ERP accelerators on AWS Cloud to automate deployment and tear-down PSFT

  • Lack of integration with Oracle Support


  • Lift and Shift PeopleSoft instances from AWS to OCI using Cloud Manager

  • Leverage Cloud Marketplace to deploy the latest PUM Images for PeopleSoft applications

  • Use Cloud Manager to automate patching and standardize new deployment and cloning


  • Reduced Infrastructure costs by 30% YoY

  • Accelerated deployment time by 50%

  • Automated cloning and monitoring

Volt Information Sciences - PS 9.2 FSCM and HCM Lift&Shift to OCI

Volt Information Sciences is a leading professional services company providing people and processes to its clients, helping clients get the right workforce for right results. Moved PeopleSoft FSCM and HCM 9.2 to OCI to reduce TCO, automate deployment and improve performance.


  • Complete the migration in 8 weeks time

  • Complete the Lift and Shift of on-prem instances with the ongoing tools upgrade to 8.55.25. Schedule the lift and shift activities as per tools upgrade schedule.

  • Use Cloud Manager to accelerate deployment and patching

  • Repoint all the integrations to applications running in OCI

  • Setup STAT to migrate PS objects between On-Prem and OCI


  • Solution using Oracle Cloud

  • Lift and Shift from on-prem to OCI using Cloud Manager

  • Network, Compute and Storage provisioning using Terraform and OCI CLI

  • OCI Architecture and Sizing for FSCM and HCM 9.2 including DR


  • Faster provisioning of instances with Terraform

  • Faster Lift and Shift on on-prem instances using Cloud Manager

  • Cloud Manager templates for future provisioning

  • Terraform scripts repository for future provisioning

  • Reduced total cost by 50% with OCI

  • Reduced Client overheads

The University of Santiago of Chile - PeopleSoft CS 9.2 on OCI


  • Failed PeopleSoft Campus Solutions on-prem implementation

  • Limited infrastructure expertise, long lead times, no SLA


  • Rapid Start using OCI Tooling & Automation

  • IaaS and PaaS Services on Bare Metal

  • DBCS with 1-click patching & automated backup

  • Oracle Management Cloud for monitoring

  • expensive on-premise hardware refresh & maintenance contract


  • 50% lower TCO

  • Mobile Campus solutions for Student enrollment

  • On-time within-budget PeopleSoft CS 9.2 Implementation

Covanta Energy

Covanta Energy Corporation owns and operates over forty new generation waste combustion facilities with the added benefit of energy recovery, also known as waste-to-energy or energy-from-waste power generation plants. Facilities operated by Covanta produce electricity for approximately one million homes in communities across North America by converting municipal solid waste into renewable energy.

Covanta wanted to upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2 to drive business process change and optimize on the latest Oracle PeopleSoft platform by assessing its current environment and identifying opportunities for improvement, automation, improved integration and more valuable reporting. Covanta had a goal to de-customize by 50% while upgrading from v9.1 to v9.2. They requested analysis on their current enhancements and bolt-on modules along with recommendations to maximize the use of out-of-the-box features and functionality to meet their current and future business needs. Covanta wanted to implement an organization wide business process change by centralizing procurement and payables functions under corporate HQ to reduce overheads, improve operational efficiency, standardize procurement processes, and to control spending.

Covanta wished to adopt best practices for Record to Report, Procure to Pay, Bill through Collect, Treasury, Asset Management, and Project Costing to eliminate overheads and inefficiencies.


Astute produced a detailed Health Check Report which included the following high value deliverables for Covanta:
• Quick Wins in 9.0 — list of short projects that Covanta could implement with minimal overhead to eliminate current pain points and solve business problems without waiting for 9.2 upgrade
• Implementation Roadmap for 12–18 months
• A summary fit-gap analysis report for 9.2 upgrade
• Business needs defined and analyzed in process area and module
• Identified opportunities for improvement in business process, technology, user interface and operational efficiency with the use of OOTB 9.2 features
• Identified project risks and recommended mitigation plans
• Analyzed customizations and recommended de-customization tasks to ease future maintenance
• 9.2 upgrade plan, timeline, costs and resources
• Summary requirement definition for new module implementations


Astute provided a detailed project plan and proposal for Covanta’s upgrade, which included timeline, resource, and cost estimates that they were able to easily plug into their planning and budgeting processes. Covanta was able to visualize PeopleSoft 9.2 features through the various product demonstrations performed by Astute, increasing awareness of the new capabilities that could be leveraged to improve the current business processes. Covanta obtained best-practice based recommendations on improving and transforming their PeopleSoft applications and the supported business processes for greater efficiency and productivity.

Coppin State University - PeopleSoft HR and Portal on OCI

Coppin uses PeopleSoft Finance, HR, Campus Solutions and Portal for an integrated back-office solution that serves all the needs of its Students, Faculty and Administrative staff.



  • Aging on-premise infrastructure

  • Retiring workforce resulting in knowledge drain

  • Cost Pressures

  • Accelerate upgrade without adding to on-premise infrastructure


  • Lift and Shift HR and Portal from On-Premise to OCI

  • Accelerate PS 9.2, PUM and Tools Upgrades

  • Automate testing, cloning, and instance deployment


  • 30% reduction in TCO

  • Cloud automation and PS Test Automation with PTF

  • On-Time Within-Budget HCM 9.2 and Portal 9.1 Upgrade

  • Accelerated upgrade timeline using Hybrid Cloud on OCI



Healthcare Customer - FSCM V9.2 PUM Update on OCI

The customer is a leading healthcare provider in the west coast helping people live the healthiest lives possible. As a not-for-profit integrated system, this west coast provider strives to deliver higher quality patient care. Previously, they were using PSFT FSCM 9.2 PI 19 Tools 8.55, hosted by OMCS and upgraded to FSCM 9.2 in June 2017. They wanted to catch up with new release features and patches.



  • Long lead time to deploy PUM Image and Update with hosting partner

  • High cost for additional PUM Update instances with hosting partner

  • Need to accelerate PUM impact analysis to support go/no-go business decisions

  • Validate Selective Adoption strategy by using this as a trial for future PUM updates


  • Lift and Shift PS FSCM 9.2 Demo and Dev (Code and Configuration only) to OCI

  • Rapid methodology for PUM Update on OCI

  • Impact Analysis of FSCM PUM 24


  • Reduced deployment time from weeks to hours

  • Reduced cost by 50%

  • Reduced Client overheads

  • Eliminated costly dependencies from hosting provider

Syneos Health - EBS Lift and Shift from OMCS to OCI POC

Syneos Health has various integrated systems hosted in different data centers at different locations or in cloud.Syneos engaged Astute to do a proof of concept to validate EBS use cases on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


  • Lift and Shift EBS application DEV instance from OMCS to OCI in 2 weeks

  • Validate all the EBS use cases are successful on OCI

  • Setup OCI VCN which can connect with incoming OMCS network

  • Integrate with SOA and IDM running on OMCS

  • Validate performance improvement after migrating to OCI



  • Solution using Oracle Cloud

  • OCI Architecture and Sizing for EBS R12.1.3 application

  • Lift and Shift from OMCS to OCI using data backup files

  • Network, Compute and Storage provisioning using Terraform and OCI CLI


  • EBS DEV instance running on OCI

  • Faster provisioning of instances with Terraform

  • Terraform scripts repository for future provisioning


University of Santiago Chile  - Oracle Management Cloud

The University uses PeopleSoft Campus Solutions running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as their core system for 25,000 students across 120 programs incl. Art and Culture, Engineering and Science.


  • No on-premise infrastructure monitoring

  • No visibility and monitoring into application performance and associated application logs to find and fix issues


  • Solution using Oracle Management Cloud

  • Implemented OMC Application Performance Monitoring Service

  • Implemented OMC Infrastructure Monitoring service



  • Rapid problem isolation for the applications

  • Faster issue resolution as a result of better application monitoring

  • Centralized and readily available infrastructure monitoring

  • Improved notifications and alerts for proactive monitoring


Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels is one of the largest hospitality companies in the world, with more than 4,200 hotels, resorts and timeshare properties comprising more than 690,000 rooms in 93 countries and territories. Astute Business Solutions has been a trusted advisor and implementation partner on multiple global initiatives for Hilton.

Data Privacy Compliance

In order to maintain the highest standards of data privacy and security, Hilton, one of the biggest names in the global hospitality industry, wanted to have implement a fully integrated data privacy compliance solution. Hilton chose Astute’s Data Spii solution that leverages PeopleSoft’s native encryption framework. Using Data Spii, Hilton successfully encrypted and secured Personally Identifiable Information, specifically National IDs and Social Security Numbers (SSN), in its PeopleSoft HCM 8.9 system.

PeopleSoft HCM Global Rollout

After the merger of Hilton USA with Hilton International, Astute was tasked with deploying PeopleSoft Human Capital Management solutions for the UK business. This solution was implemented with integrations to key internal and external services in the UK business while adhering to UK data privacy directives. Training and change management were a key part of this rollout to bring the UK HR team up to speed on the latest features in PeopleSoft HCM.

PeopleSoft FSCM Global Rollout

After the merger of Hilton USA with Hilton International, Astute was selected as one of the key partners to implement and integrate PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain management solutions for Hilton Europe. Astute used its international team of PeopleSoft experts to support Hilton Europe’s business needs and successfully implemented this solution.

PeopleSoft Upgrade

Astute delivered multiple PeopleSoft application upgrade solutions to Hilton to keep its application portfolio


• Astute provided a comprehensive list of all objects such as PeopleSoft online pages, reports, queries, search records and interfaces that are impacted by, touched by or are dependent on SSN data
• Performed the necessary customizations to protect sensitive personally identifiable information by encrypting SSN with 128-bit Open SSL Encryption
• Identified all outbound union and tax reports where personally identifiable information is required and modified those reports to allow outbound transmission with the un-encrypted values
• Provided granular security authorizations. Only team members who have the appropriate security clearance can view, edit and modify the un-encrypted values.


Hilton was able to significantly improve its data security and compliance levels thanks to Astute’s custom encryption/decryption solution. The custom solution also improved the client’s processing efficiency, as the system now automatically encrypts personally identifiable information and decrypts it for authorized users that need the unencrypted values for outbound processes such as union and tax reports.

JTB Hawaii, Inc. (JHI)

JTB Hawaii, Inc. (JHI) is a dynamic leader in travel services, event planning and management, transportation, golf tours, merchandising and web publishing in the Hawaiian Islands. The company has evolved from its roots in servicing inbound Japanese travelers to its current position as a leading provider of creative and comprehensive global travel and entertainment solutions.

JTB was looking to overcome the after effects of an earlier failed implementation and was anxious to get the right partner with an ‘A’ team to get this deployed and to meet expectations set with senior management for this high visibility project. JTB was looking for a partner with in-depth understanding of PeopleSoft applications, financial and accounting principles and business processes, infrastructure management expertise and most importantly a collaborative, consultative approach to problem solving that was previously lacking.


• Implement new release features in V9.1 and PeopleTools 8.53 to introduce a better UI, accurate and streamlined reporting, process automation and integration with third parties
• Upgrade PeopleSoft technology stack including server, database and third-party software tools
• Create workflow automation for billing, receivables, procurement and GL were implemented to deliver operational efficiencies
• Provide rich graphical reports using BI Publisher to provide actionable insights on transactional data
• Maintain a thorough and methodical project management framework to keep various project tracks in sync, coordinated, on track. Provide regular and effective communications to various audiences on project status, risks and key outcomes
• Use of Astute’s proprietary accelerators for fit-gap, design and testing
• Provide business process expertise to help JTB define to-be processes taking into account travel industry needs
• Implement rapid deployment of complex bolt-on code for billing integration with third-parties and internal BU’s
• Conduct infrastructure assessment with recommendations for future state PeopleSoft architecture built to scale and adapt to JTB’s growth needs
• Maximum use of OOTB features, specifically with module EIP’s, workflow, WorkCenters, attachment capabilities, email notifications, batch scheduling, failover for redundancy and archiving
• Re-design the PeopleSoft architecture to accommodate for changes and future growth.
• Maintain acute focus on integration with travel partners and international BU’s
• Facilitate data conversion from legacy and data archiving
• Provide end user training and documentation and knowledge transfer to in-house staff


In 100 days, Astute re-implemented PeopleSoft Financials from legacy (V7.5) to the latest (V9.1) for JTB and also delivered a technology refresh of its PeopleSoft infrastructure. Astute used its Fast Track implementation methodology to deliver the desired outcomes on time and under budget. The improved integration with the tour revenue system resulted in less manual work and fewer errors. JTB experienced user improvements in terms of application performance, usability and productivity as well as improved financial reporting through redesigned consolidated balance sheets and income statement reports. Astute’s agile approach delivered incremental updates, end user training and complete knowledge transfer while keeping scope, timeline and costs in check.

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