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The Xooa platform provides a tooling-layer-as-a-service built on top of popular blockchain technologies, such as Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. Xooa's smart contracts run on top of consortiums hosted on Oracle, adding features that make smart contract deployment easier and faster without requiring a deep understanding of blockchain or extensive DevOps efforts to create a robust build-test-deploy environment that runs entirely on the cloud or hybrid.

Key Features

  • Xooa is distributable, which means it's both centralized and decentralized. The ability to start centralized and move to distributed (without losing data) at any time is one of several core features that makes Xooa unique. Centralized databases are easier to experiment with and suited more for early stages such as rapid prototyping, demos, and POCs. Decentralized databases are normally used for later stages, such as go-live, when trust is facilitated through decentralization by using blockchain.
  • Xooa provides middleware that is already baked-in, shifting the concern of API endpoints, queueing, and scalable asynchronous processing from the developer to Xooa.
  • Xooa Managed Smart Contracts allow non-blockchain developers to put distributed ledger technology to use without having to code smart contracts. High level API endpoints are exposed to high level DLT use cases including: Asset Management, Record Management, Voting, Bonds, Tokens, and Blockchain-as-a-Database (XLDB).
  • SDLC endpoints to facilitate Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

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Cloud Platform Ready

An application that supports one or more Oracle Cloud-compatible technology products or operating systems.

  • Xooa Xooa is an enterprise blockchain cloud application development platform that is focused on reducing barriers for enterprise blockchain adoption by making blockchain app development easier and faster, which enables higher quality projects.