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GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft

Solution Summary

GT eForms™ is a bolt-on workflow and electronic forms toolset for PeopleSoft applications. GT eForms™ provides a powerful framework to develop and deploy intuitive, workflow-enabled electronic forms. With native PeopleSoft integration, configurable business logic, and limitless workflow options, GT eForms™ delivers robust, custom self-service applications in a fraction of the time of traditional development and with greater flexibility than delivered tools.

The GT eForms™ Enterprise License provides full access to the GT eForm Library™. The Library includes dozens of workflow-enabled eForm templates to automate a wide array of business processes, including:

GT eForm Library™ for PeopleSoft HCM

  • Personnel actions
  • Onboarding
  • Time reporting and leave management
  • I-9 / E-Verify (Employment Eligibility Verification)
  • Signature-only forms

GT eForm Library™ for PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management

  • Chartfield Maintenance
  • Expense Reporting and Reimbursement
  • Journal Vouchers
  • Deposits
  • Receipts
  • Vendor Self-Service

GT eForm Library™ for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

  • Grade Change Requests
  • Add/Modify Course Catalog
  • Change of Major/Minor
  • Emergency Loan Requests
  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Transfer Credit Pre-Approvals
  • Student Withdrawals/Cancellations
  • Degree Certification

Solution Profile

GT eForms™ provides a powerful PeopleSoft-based framework and robust toolset for creating custom self-service applications and workflow-enabled electronic forms, where business analysts can configure and control the business process flow in setup tables, with minimal or no technical intervention. GT eForms™ allows for completely adaptable approval steps (workflow); configurable, step-based page navigation (pageflow); email and worklist management; home page management and seamless integration into delivered PeopleSoft components.

As PeopleTools-based bolt-ons, GT eForms™ applications reside in PeopleSoft and use native PeopleTools technology, including workflow, security, application messaging, integration broker and component interface. This allows native access to PeopleSoft data, valid values and processes, leveraging your existing PeopleSoft investment.

GT eForms™ also insulates your PeopleSoft system from excessive customization. By creating a separate application layer, GT eForms™ application objects don’t impact your PeopleSoft upgrades and ongoing maintenance. By moving the customizations out of the delivered system and into the bolt-on layer, maintenance is reduced and upgrades are simplified, all while accommodating the unique requirements of your business process in the most efficient way possible.

Distinguishing Features

Oracle Validated Integration: PeopleSoft Campus Solutions : Business Process Automation and Reporting, PeopleSoft : Business Process Automation and Reporting

GT eForms™ offers unlimited flexibility in creating forms to automate even the most complex of business requirements, including the following features:

  • Fluid mobile user interface
  • Configurable pre-population and defaulting
  • Conditional page, segment, and field behavior
  • Edits and validations
  • Attachment management
  • Ability to include inline instructions anywhere on your form
  • Form messages
  • Conditional approvals
  • Email and worklist notifications
  • Updates to PeopleSoft via component interface
  • Multi-language support
  • Unrestricted PeopleTools development

Solution Name

GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft

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  • GT eForms™ Highlights - Dive into the rich array of features and functionality delivered with GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft. As a PeopleTools-based bolt-on, GT eForms™ enables PeopleSoft customers to build powerful, dynamic Fluid forms and custom self-service solutions to meet their unique business process requirements…without customizing delivered PeopleSoft.

Data Sheets

  • GT eForms™ and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2 Oracle Validated Integration Datasheet - Delivered as a PeopleTools-based bolt-on, GT eForms™ provides a powerful, configuration-based framework to transform any paper form or manual process into an efficient, easy-to-use, workflow-enabled electronic form. Colleges and universities worldwide use GT eForms™ to deliver custom PeopleSoft forms for a wide range of business processes, including admissions, financial aid, grade change requests, academic record changes, and more.

  • GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions - Empower business analysts to create easy-to-use electronic forms and self-service applications for prospective students, undergrads, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

  • GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft Financial and Supply Chain Management - Whether it's expense reimbursements, chartfield maintenance, journal vouchers or other processes, GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft enables you to fully automate business processes based on your requirements, helping you standardize processes, enforce business rules, and ensure data accuracy from start to finish.

  • GT eForms for PeopleSoft Human Capital Management - Whatever your requirements, from simple to complex, GT eForms™ can help you transform how you deliver HR services. Organizations have automated hundreds of different manager and employee self-service actions with GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft HCM, including personnel actions, onboarding tasks, employee acknowledgements, recruiting, benefits enrollment, additional pay requests, security access, and many more.

  • GT eForms™ and PeopleSoft 9.2 Oracle Validated Integration Datasheet - Oracle-certified GT eForms™ provides a powerful PeopleSoft-based framework and robust toolset for creating custom self-service applications and workflow-enabled electronic forms, where business analysts can configure and control the business process flow in setup tables, with minimal or no technical intervention.

  • Fluid ePAF™ for PeopleSoft HCM - With intuitive, workflow-enabled electronic forms, Fluid ePAF™ (electronic personnel action forms) can automate any personnel action including hires, job and compensation changes, terminations, leaves of absence, position changes and more.

About Gideon Taylor Consulting LLC

Gideon Taylor solutions redefine self-service and revolutionize how organizations think about process automation, helping our clients gain greater value from their PeopleSoft investment by not only doing more, but doing it better, faster and easier than ever before. Our Oracle-certified, award-winning GT eForms™ is a PeopleSoft-based bolt-on that provides a secure, flexible framework to transform any paper form into an efficient and effective electronic form, letting you create and deploy custom self-service solutions that can be configured to work the way you work.

In addition to custom solutions, Gideon Taylor’s eForm templates for PeopleSoft HCM, Financials and Campus Solutions deliver automation for some of the most common business processes, including our flagship GT Fluid ePAF™ (electronic Personnel Action Forms).

Whether you’re looking to eliminate customizations, go green, reduce costs or improve productivity, we can help you get there. To find out more about Gideon Taylor's services and solutions, click here.


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