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JD Edwards Package Build Automation

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PACKMAN is the ultimate package build and deployment solution for supporting your OMW projects.

With PACKMAN you can accelerate and optimize your technical change management process. Packman enables you to plan fully automatic package builds as often as you want.

PACKMAN reduces the risk of errors by eliminating the manual steps required in the update package build process. It will speed up the development to production process of your OMW projects by ensuring you will no longer have to spend time on resolving build and deployment issues. The package build process can be managed with reports and notifications.

PACKMAN is an essential tool for supporting your technical change management on Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, whether you are implementing EnterpriseOne for the first time or if you are upgrading to a new release

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If there is a requirement to build and deploy update packages on a regular basis, PACKMAN will reduce the strain on your CNC/ Development resources by automating manually intensive, time consuming and error prone activities associated with building update packages.

PACKMAN is a module that has been designed and developed using the standard EnterpriseOne development toolkit. Installing PACKMAN does not affect or impact the standard package build and deployment applications, your ability to build and deploy packages using the standard process is still available and will work side by side with the PACKMAN module.

PACKMAN can either be used manually or completely automatically thus without any user intervention. In every stage of the process CNC personnel is informed by email notifications. Instructions are created automatically and after deployment detailed reports are automatically generated and distributed.



Distinguishing Features

Oracle Validated Integration: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne : Application Monitoring and Management

The benefits of PACKMAN:

• Decrease the time required for assembling, building and deploying packages.
• Minimize manual administration tasks for the promotion and deployment of object modifications and ESU’s.
• Minimize errors by reducing the number of manual tasks.
• Automate periodic update packages. No manual intervention needed.


PACKMAN Features:

• Receive email notifications at any phase in the PACKMAN package build process.
• Update package definition is automatically generated
• Building and deployment of packages can be automatically executed
• Sends notifications and reports to the CNC and End Users
• Promote multiple projects with one ‘click’
• Oracle Validated Integration
• Assembles packages based on project
• Configurable HTML based email messages
• Introduces 'new' reports which display the package build and deployment status
• Overview package reports with the option to print special instructions per project
• Creates builds for Enterprise Servers
• Deploys packages to Enterprise Servers
• Builds and deploys Business Services

Solution Name

JD Edwards Package Build Automation

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Data Sheets

  • A factsheet with the details of Forza's PACKMAN Package Build Automation solution can be found here:

    PACKMAN Factsheet


    The Oracle Validated Integration factsheet can be found here:

    PACKMAN Oracle OVI




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Forza Consulting is a consultancy practice focused on delivering services and solutions based on Oracle JD Edwards. Forza is a knowledge center on the JD Edwards technical field and expert at integrating JD Edwards with other applications.

We deliver high quality consultancy services and develop solutions that best fit the needs of our customers. Forza has over a decade of experience with JD Edwards software and has a team of experts in all JD Edwards related fields. Forza focuses on JD Edwards customers in Europe, primarily in the Benelux, UK and the Nordics. 

Forza’s functional consultants have extensive knowledge covering all applications and a wide range of functionality within the JD Edwards software, be it EnterpiseOne or World software. Due to the vast amount of experience gained in different implementations. Forza’s consultants have built up expertise spanning the majority of the industries in which JD Edwards has been adopted. Forza implements fast and efficiently using our in-depth experience of configuring JD Edwards processes in combination with quality project management.

Forza Consulting developers will arise to any technical challenge. They are trained and proficient with the latest development tools and technologies. They are experts in integrating JD Edwards with other systems using technologies such as JD Edwards’s business services, Oracle Fusion Middleware or the 3rd party middleware tool Magic XPI.

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when it comes to CNC, Forza Consulting has a renowned reputation and is a knowledge centre in this area. Our CNC Consultants are familiar with all supported platforms and keep abreast of the latest developments. We offer services like 24/7 remote support and proactive performance monitoring.

Forza service offering is completed with a broad range of training embracing all JD Edwards topics.

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