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Scanman - Invoice Automation Made Easy

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With SCANMAN, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 customers will be able to streamline the overall process of capturing invoices, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This will result in faster processing, improved accuracy, and increased productivity.
SCANMAN is a complete, web-based invoice automation solution that integrates with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne using the latest Composite Application Framework for E1 (CafeOne) features and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business services.

Invoice Automation projects often involve complex and expensive Document Management solutions without pre-built integration options resulting in time consuming implementations and difficult to realize back end integrations and data synchronizations.

Typically these Document Management solutions cover a range of functionalities already available in JD Edwards.
The best solution is to have an invoice automation solution that works with the functionality already available in your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP. This is what SCANMAN offers.
With Scanman Business there is no need for synchronization of data to support processes in a separate tooling. Why use logic of 3rd party products while it is available within JD Edwards? That is just making things more difficult.

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How it works

SCANMAN uses the latest & greatest award winning OCR technology and an Auto-Learning Template Builder.

The scanning and recognition process is simple: place digital invoice documents on a dedicated network location where the digital or digitized invoices have been copied, scanned, or e-mailed. SCANMAN will run in the background and select the invoices from this location to process.

SCANMAN allows you to completely automate the processing of the invoice documents. It will generate logged vouchers based on the content of the scanned invoices and store an image of the invoice as an attachment to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne voucher. The functionality includes a routine for recovering exceptions from the recognition process.

Batch processing ensures that all invoices are processed, with only the exceptions needingto be processed manually. If an invoice is not recognized, users can validate the input themselves. SCANMAN automatically creates a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne logged voucher for further processing. Both a two-way match (purchase order match) as well as a three-way match (purchase order/goods receipt match) can be used to match the invoice.

If needed, the invoice can be approved as a cost voucher by utilizing the standard JD Edwards EnterpriseOne workflow engine including sign-off limits and escalation paths.


Distinguishing Features

Oracle Validated Integration: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne : Financials (FMS)


Optimize your Invoice Automation process with the benefits of Forza's SCANMAN:

- Out-of-the box Invoice Automation solution, seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards; No synchronization development needed

- Fully embedded in JD Edwards making optimal use of functionality already available in your ERP

- Results in faster processing, improved accuracy, higher quality data and increased productivity and limiting overhead costs by eliminating the need of manual data entry

- All data remains in your EnterpriseOne database, all the time

- Audit Workbench which allows total control for audit purposes

- Works with all scanner types available

- Uses ABBYY´s powerful OCR software for unparalleled accuracy

- Fully automated processing of invoices


Solution Name

Scanman - Invoice Automation Made Easy

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