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Smart Self Service Request

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The self-service request process, requiring information and validation against each request, is specific to each organization. This is overly time-consuming for employees which in turn impacts the organization as a whole.

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An automated system will make the process faster and easier to manage for employees, managers and business users. EvoSelf not only enhances the self-service capability and overall automation of the solution in Fusion, but makes the entire system more user-friendly

Distinguishing Features

  1. Validations: Most self-service transactions require compliance with rules and validations specific to the request. For example, the balance entered for leave encashment should be less than the leave balance. EvoSelf imposes these validations ensuring all information is consistent.
  2. Mass Approval: EvoSelf allows the grouping of various transactions and can mass approve them for business users.
  3. Data Dependency: The values of attributes captured in self-service requests depends on employee information and that captured in other requests. For example, business trip costs specific to a particular region needs to be defaulted when you select the region. EvoSelf accommodates these dependencies ensuring any data entered is compliant.
  4. Print Report: Self-service transactions such as salary certificates, exit permits, no objections certificates etc, require a report as an output. EvoSelf can generate, print keep track and audit these reports based on the unique ID against the service request, directly from the transaction.
  5. Transaction Analysis: All self-service requests can be tracked from a single screen made available on the dashboard.
  6. User Friendly: EvoSelf provides simplified navigation and captures all attributes specific to each request

Solution Name

Smart Self Service Request

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