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Reserveport Validated Integration with Oracle Hospitality Suite8

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One-stop instant bookings, availability, and distribution with Pesapal and Reserveport

Improve your booking yield immediately with end-to-end automated bookings. Expose real-time inventory and availability to your hotel website, channel manager, online travel agencies (OTAs), and extranet. All bookings from all channels are posted to your Oracle Hospitality Suite8 property management system (PMS) according to predefined business rules. This offers automated reservations 24/7/365.

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The validated integration between Reserveport and Oracle Hospitality Oracle Hospitality Suite8   enables customers of both systems to trigger availability, rate, and restriction data so that booking information can be exchanged between the two systems.

This validated integration posts bookings from the hotel’s website, channel manager, and other connected channels direct to the PMS. The integration can fetch bookings using Oracle Hospitality OTA XML Interface

Distinguishing Features

Oracle Validated Integration: Oracle Hospitality - Hotel & Cruise

The integration enables the following:

·   Triggers inventory from Oracle Hospitality Suite8  

·   Triggers restrictions from Oracle Hospitality Suite8  

·   Triggers rates from Oracle Hospitality Suite8

·   Triggers updates to vendor reservations from Oracle Hospitality Suite8

·   Posts, update and cancel reservations into Oracle Hospitality Suite8

Solution Name

Reserveport Validated Integration with Oracle Hospitality Suite8

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About PesaPal Limited

Pesapal provides a simple, safe, and secure way for businesses to accept payments in Africa. Pesapal partners with credit card companies, banks, and mobile networks to give consumers as many payment options as possible. Pesapal offers ecommerce and point-of-sale (POS) payment processing support.

Pesapal also provides integration of its payment solutions to Oracle Hospitality users to enhance reconciliation and increase efficiency in revenue management. 

Powered by Pesapal, Reserveport is an easy-to-use central reservations system for all types of accommodations and hotel operations. Reserveport offers a simple online solution that enables online hotel reservations, and at the same time, simplifies daily administration.



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