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Solution Name

Ringmaster APM

Solution Summary

Ringmaster APM is a Comprehensive End to End Automation Solution with full change and Process Management and Compliance.

IT organizations considering migration to Cloud are looking at reducing or eliminating roadblocks.  One of the obstacles includes patching and deployment of customizations in preparation for Cloud Migration.

Our RingMaster Studio suite of solutions enables IT organizations to streamline their preparations to migrate to the Cloud.  We significantly reduce the impact of business functions when patching and deploying, providing assurance to the business that the migration to Cloud will reduce or eliminate the disruption of operations. 

 Pain Points that Ringmaster addresses:

  • Risk of impact on business functions from patching 
  • Loss of control of EBS customizations 
  • Manual processes that are non-repeatable and error-prone 
  • Inefficient processes that are not scalable 
  • Non-compliance with SOX audit requirements 


Industry applicable: 

Retail & consumer goods, hospitality & travel, discrete manufacturing, education, healthcare, automotive, banking, and insurance. 

Solution Profile

RingMaster APM gives customers a complete Process/Change management solution, leveraging existing infrastructure, automating complex change management problems for the complete Enterprise.

RingMaster APM 3.0, with its easy to use console framework, helps you do all your ERP Patching, Code Migration, Testing, FMW Maintenance under one umbrella with complete tracking to meet compliance requirements. IT Managers use RingMaster APM 3.0 to enforce fast and controlled change management, essentially eliminating the risk of failure and greatly reducing staff time and TCO. While the patching components of APM 3.0 automate EBS patching and code migration, the Deployment Automation (DAT) components of APM 3.0 give larger development groups full automated code packaging and migration across any number of environments and the SmartTest components of APM use the patch change analysis to drive the optional automated testing features to ensure all changes are fully and automatically functionally tested before the Functional Approver releases any bad changes to the next environment in the workflow.

APM 3.0 compliments current market challenges delivering RingMaster’s 19 years of smart automation for difficult tasks. APM 3.0 uses fault tolerant, foolproof, Industry standard technologies, to prevent failure and disasters. APM 3.0’s layered, intelligent, plug n play architecture works seamlessly across modules using all available information to reduce duplication of activity resulting in a system of no parallel worldwide.

RingMaster APM 3.0 gives customers powerful, easy to use IT Automation for Functional Super Users, Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, DBAs, IT Administrators and Compliance Auditors through a web based console layer using a three-tiered architecture.

Distinguishing Features

Below are the RingMaster APM Features

  • Patch Identification, Acquisition, Analysis and Application
  • Patch Identification
    • Identify the limited set of Oracles released patches for the applications used by CSPQ
  • Patch Impact Analysis
    • Prerequisite History Analysis for DBAs
    • Oracle and Custom Object Impact Analysis for Business Analysts
    • Business User Impact Analysis for faster better Manual Testing or optional Automated Functional Testing
  • Custom Code Migration and Application and Testing with patches or independent of patches
  • Enforced Comprehensive multiple environment workflows
  • Integrated Automated or Manual Functional Testing
  • Full Compliance and Audit Analytics & History
  • Provision, Patch, Promote, Migrate, Monitor and Review code for Fusion Middleware
  • Optional Automated Testing using pre-build library of test cases

Key Benefits 

  • Significant reduction of impact on business operations 
  • Reduces testing and validation effort by 80% 
  • Reduces customization retrofit by 70% 
  • Increase the productivity of DBAs and developers without staff increase 
  • Able to support EBS 12.2 after upgrade from 11i or 12.1 without staff increase 
  • Ensures SOX compliance and external audit 

Solution Name

Ringmaster APM

Solution Availability


Oracle Products

  • Oracle Cloud

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Open Source Solutions


Case Studies

  • SuneraTech, with the help of RingMaster, automated the entire patching process. It provided a pre-application analysis and a post-application report on the impact of the patch. It also automated the patch download and application processes, thereby significantly reducing the change management process's increased patch adoption by saving 50% time and reduced patching efforts by 30 % through automation.

    Download Case StudySave 35% reduction in patch application time and 50% in DBA



  • “With APM, we reduced the time we spend to discover changes by over 80%. As a result, we noticed an increase in quality and reduction in the planned downtime.”

    Invesco, Doug Hahn, Enterprise Technology Officer

    RingMaster APM Demo

About Sunera Technologies, Inc.

SuneraTech is a Pioneer in delivering Cloud services like Low-Cost Cloud Migration, Cloud Managed & Cloud Infrastructure Services, Cloud Application Testing & Oracle HCM Cloud by leveraging Automation

SuneraTech is now at the frontline of Digital Transformation and enables innovation to promote futuristic organizations. Our avidity for innovation positioned SuneraTech as the Oracle's No.1 Cloud Partner. We reinforce enterprises to accelerate agility and scalability with reimagined workflows, unpreceded performance, and continuous improvement. Our successful customer-centric initiatives around Cloud Transformation, Digital Transformation and Innovation, Data monetization, Digital Assurance, Enterprise, and App Modernization positioned us as a preferred IT partner for 300 global companies over the last 15 years. Headquartered in the US, SuneraTech is in India and Canada.

SuneraTech, a native Cloud company, gained extensive experience from serving some of the world's largest businesses and developed a Three-Switch Framework to guide companies in their quest for market domination. The framework breaks down the journey from using digital technologies to building the business around them into 3 parts: IT Automation, Cloud Migration, and Digital Innovation.

What made us Oracle’s Premium Partners?

SuneraTech has been acknowledged by Oracle as the winner of multiple Oracle Cloud Innovation Awards, #1 Cloud Velocity Partner 2018, Oracle Cloud Reseller, Cloud Managed Services Provider Partner & Cloud Advisory Board Member.

Well versed with multiple Oracle-centric proprietary platforms, SuneraTech provides specialized skills, assets, and global delivery solutions to deliver complex, result-oriented transformations by solving business challenges through disruptive technologies.

SuneraTech centers around execution, delivery, and support of complete enterprise software solutions helping customers adopt Oracle Cloud Solutions with in-depth expertise across Oracle Cloud � SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

The company has repeatedly created disruptive opportunities to clients and positively impacted the gross revenues and total sales of many businesses. Its unique offerings and solutions allow customers to instantly transform their organization to agile with rapid change management with high-end security and compliance.


  • EBS CloudTestr - Automation and Test Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform
  • HCM CloudTestr - Automated HCM Cloud Patch and Release Validation Platform
  • RingMaster APM - Automate Oracle EBS Patch Management
  • ClouDesk - one-stop ServiceDesk for supporting all your cloud needs across Oracle Cloud IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DBCS service offerings
  • ServiceNext - IT Service Desk, Help Desk and Marketing Automation using Chatbots built on Oracle Digital Assistant
  • ESeal - Transform your traditional and linear supply chain to dynamic and highly efficient digital supply network using eSeal 


  • Cloud Transformation
  • Application Modernization
  • Data Monetization
  • Digital Assurance
  • Digital Transformation

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